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Terms of use

By using or accessing the Website you agree with the following Terms & Conditions without any qualification or limitation.

Definition of Services

This website is aimed to provide information about the insurance agent and services offered with respect to buying insurance policy. This website is not meant to attest or affiliate any information through its content. You are responsible for accessing this website and it may be charges, by the internet service provider. By visiting this website and leaving your contact information, you agree that we can share these details with the members of our team and that they may contact you for upcoming offers and aftermarket services. By signing up for notification or reminders, you agree that our team may call you or send you SMS and emails to remind you about payment the premium, maturity of policy, renewal of policy and other information related to the policy you have purchased.


This website is open to all and does not contain any explicit content, hence there is no restriction of age, sex or caste for visiting this website. All the people of any age, caste, religious belief, sect or region are eligible to visit this website.

Fees and charges

There is no fees or charges levied on the use of this website, although, the third party server (your internet provider) might charge you for using internet data.

In the context of the price of insurance, the fees and charges for any plan as mentioned in the website are subject to the company policy and cannot be considered as the final fees. Also, these charges are subject to change without any previous information to the visitor of the website. All or some of the plans may carry an extra tax or surcharge according to the government rules.


You agree to indemnify and hold us (and our agents and employees) innocuous from any charges and against any claims, harms, financial penalties due to any cause of action which may arise from the violation of the terms and conditions of website use, by you. You also agree not to levy on us any tax, charge, fees of lawyers or accountants for the same.

Claim Settlement

The settlement of claims of any policy is the subject matter of solicitation, and is dependent upon the fulfilment of terms and conditions of the company and exemptions and exceptions mentioned for a particular policy. No refund or settlement or payment will be provided to any client for a policy by agent (or the employees) on behalf of any insurance company. Only the company holds the right to decide whether the claim is appropriate for settlement and hence, no requests or presents will be entertained by the agent or his team in the anticipation of getting the settlement for any policy purchased.

Link to other website & third party information

When you use the Site or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive further communications from us electronically. We may communicate with you by email or by posting notices on the Site or by phone or usually available means of communication. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. Any communication that has no written record will not be substantiated.

The third party information mentioned in the website is just a representation of our impression about them, we do not guarantee the authenticity and validity of such information. The user should research about the same at his/her end before relying upon any such information.

Cancellation & Refund

By visiting this website, you agree that you are responsible for all the payments made by you on any link provided on the website, the agent (or any employee) holds no accountability for the same. This is an informative website and it won’t provide any link for the online payments through website and for anyone who has made such payments for fraud or fake links, the agent (or any member of the team) will not be responsible for the refund or cancellation of the same. The agent will also not be liable to you for any direct or indirect monetary losses caused by any reason, even if it has been resulted from the use of this website, its content or any related services mentioned in the same.

Trademarks & copyright

This website uses the logo, trade names, trademarks, and service marks of the insurance companies it is dealing with. The agents and their team will bear the same logo. The unauthorised use of any of these will be considered as the breaching of copyright of that company and the consequences of the same will be decided by the company according to its own terms and conditions and privacy policies. It might be considered as copyright infringement, and may cause serious legal and judicial actions against those who copy and use these personally or commercially.

The content, Domain names, pictures and design of this website are the intellectual property of and are protected by the copyright. Users are prohibited from copying, modifying and using the same for personal or commercial purposes. Breaching of copyright rules may cause legal actions against the user, which will be in line with the rules made by government of India and copyright act. Creating derivative works of the same is also an offence and may cause judicial actions for publishing, licensing, selling, distributing or using for commercial or public purposes.


This set of terms and conditions, and the relationship between you and our agents is governed by the laws of the India without any exceptions. In case of any conflicting situation, the Laws made by Government of India will prevail above all. You and we agree to submit to the Faridabad Jurisdiction Court for any legal proceedings that may arise with reference to the terms and conditions of this website. This set of terms and conditions governs and guides your use of website and any infringement, whatsoever, may cause action against it, but that does not imply that all the infringements will be acknowledged and guaranteed action will be taken against the same. All the complaints and grievances in this regard will be heard by the local jurisdiction court of Faridabad.

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