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How to Pay LIC Premium online in Easy way

How To Pay LIC Premium Online?

Now, if you’ve clicked this link, we are strongly presuming that you would like to know as to how can we pay LIC premium online. But firstly, is that even possible. Well, no worries at all. It is certainly possible to pay LIC premium online. The procedure is super simple, and anyone possessing a browser and an Internet connection can do it in no time whatsoever.

But before diving into the steps, let us educate you as to what a premium is and why are you required to pay it. Say you went to LIC for particular insurance to be done. Once you’ve got all the papers made you have to pay some amount to LIC for covering the risks periodically. Depending upon the insurance, a premium is required to be paid monthly, quarterly, annually, or in a single premium as well. 

Now that you know what a premium is, let’s take a look at the steps that will help you to pay your LIC premium online:
LIC offers two ways for its customers to pay the premium online. One is through the website while the other can be done via LIC’s app.

Pay LIC premium via website

pay premium lic
payment premium lic
premium payment online
create account

Pay LIC premium via app

LIC India also has a mobile application that can be downloaded from GooglePlay and App Store. The steps to pay through this application are entirely the same and can be done with or without making an account.

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