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How-to-Find-LIC Policy number by Name

How to find LIC policy number by name and date of birth?

Now that you’ve clicked on the link, I am wondering if you’ve lost your policy number as well? Well, don’t worry, we’re here for you and will give you several solutions through which you can get your lost policy number.

But before I start with anything, let’s understand why we tend to forget LIC Policy Number in the first place?

One of the basic reasons is that we often lost policy documents and even receipts. Also, several policyholders tend to keep their policy details a secret to that extent that they do not even share such information with their family members as well.

IIt becomes troublesome when there’s sudden decease of the policyholder, the family or nominee faces challenges to locate policy number of deceased.

Since we are living in an era of technology, we have an app for almost everything, we have an app for this as well. So you can retrieve your policy number with the help of online and offline methods as well.

# Online method -

Provided you have created the login to LIC portal, you can know your policy number without any hurdle, provided you have all the login credentials.

# Offline methods -

These methods are one of the biggest headaches that the buyers have to face to identify their policy number.

1.Contact your Agent
Even though the offline methods is tedious, the easiest and the best way is to contact your agent. You should provide him with your name and date of birth as per LIC records.

The policy number can be retrieved when your agent uses his business details, or he may also retrieve the number by logging in to agent portal.

And there you go! He has found your policy number and will share it with you.

2. Visit the Home Branch
If you do not have a LIC login portal or you aren’t in touch with your agent, then you can contact the home branch. (A home branch is a place where you purchase the policy branch, and your policy dockets remain here).

This establishes the genuineness of finding the policy number. And based on identification verification, you can get your policy number back.

 3. Visit any LIC Branch
If you were unable to visit the home branch, then you can also visit the most proximate LIC branch in your area. You can provide them with the name and date of birth of policyholder.

Once the genuineness of finding policy number is established, you will be provided with the details.

Well, this is it with the solutions, and one of them will surely give you your way out of this.

However, these kinds of situations can be avoided when we maintain records of all of your relevant documents at one place, or you could update your contact details like phone number and emails to all the policies.

You can also avoid this kind of situation by sharing these details with your family regularly, or you can track the details of their policy on a regular basis to keep themselves updated with the due date, survival benefit receiving time and maturity date.

Once you have got your LIC Policy number, you can easily pay LIC Premium online.

With this, I hope we’ve helped you out.



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