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About Jeevan Lakshaya

It is a limited premium paying term conventional With-Profit Endowment Assurance Plan where premium paying term is less than Policy Term by 3 years.
This plan provides Annual Income Benefit that may help to fulfill the needs of the family, primarily for the benefit of children, in case of unfortunate death of Policy holder any time before the maturity and lump sum amount at the time of Maturity irrespective of survival of the policy holder.

Eligibility Conditions

Minimum age at entry18 Years (age on last birthday)
Maximum age at entry50 years (age on nearer birth day)
Maximum Maturity age65 years
Policy Term13-25 years
Premium Paying Term (PPT)(Term-3) Years
Minimum Basic SA100000
Maximum Basic SANo Limit
Modes of paymentYearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly & ECS
Mode rebateYearly: 2%, & on
Half Yearly: 1%

High Basic Sum Assured rebate

Basic Sum Assured Rebate
Accident & Term rider benefits are also available.
100000 to 190000 Nil
200000 to 490000 Rs 2 per thousand on Basic SA
500000 or aboveRs 3 per thousand on Basic SA

Benefits of Jeevan Lakshaya

Sum Assured on Death: Where “Sum Assured on Death” is defined as the Sum of:
– Income Benefit equal to 10% of Basic Sum Assured payable from the Policy anniversary coinciding with or following the date of death of Life assured till the Policy anniversary prior to date of Maturity.

– Assured Absolute Amount equal to 110% of Basic Sum assured, which shall be payable on due date of Maturity, and Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Additional Bonus, if any.

Sum assured on Maturity: Basic Sum Assured + Vested Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Additional Bones, if any.



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