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Best LIC Health Insurance Plans 2019

When an important topic such as life insurance comes up, LIC is one of the most trusted brands. When it comes to the most trusted brand, the range of offers must be comprehensive and thus, more options to choose from.


However, when consumers are presented with such a wide range of offers, they often get confused and end up picking the wrong policy for themselves.


To avoid confusion and to ensure that you make the best decisions for yourselves, we’re here for you to help you make the best decision.


Here, we’re presenting you with a list of the best policies which the LIC has to offer to their policyholders.

This plan is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity Plan and can be purchased by paying a lump-sum amount.


This is a non-unit-linked pension plan which provides for annuity amount of a certain fixed amount which, extends for a lifetime.


This plan is an immediate annuity plan, which means the annuity will start as soon as next month. It is a single premium plan which means that you have to pay once and then you may enjoy for the rest of your lifetime.


This plan provides the policyholders with more than seven options of annuities to choose from and also, the annuity is payable for life at a uniform rate until the policyholder is alive.

This policy is a pure life cover policy which provides financial protection to the family of insured in case of any unfortunate circumstances.


If we put it in other words, we can say that this policy is a regular premium non-participating policy (without bonus). In this policy, the policyholder agrees to pay an agreed amount of money affirmed in the event of his/her premature death during the term of the policy.


And if, the insurer is alive till the end of the term of the policy, then, nothing is payable.

The term of this policy is 35 years. Apart from this, the policyholder also gets death and maturity benefits.


In the death benefit, if the unfortunate death of the insurer happens during the term of the policy, then the sum assured will be payable.


In the maturity benefit, if the insured survives the term of the policy, then, nothing will be payable.

This plan is a non-linked and with regular profit premium payment policy primarily intended to serve basic needs such as education, marriage, and the other requirements of children. 


This plan also provides a risk cover to the insured child during the term of the policy.

Thus, it is considered more as saving cum protection plan.

This policy is non-linked whole life insurance, which offers coverage for up to 100 years. Amount in lump-sum is provided either on the maturity of the policy period or the death of the insured during the term of the policy.

This policy has several offers such as term rider, accident benefit rider, accidental death, and disability rider with the policy. This policy offers tax benefits to the policyholder under Section 80C of the Income Tax, 1961.

Well, this is pretty much the best policies which are offered by LIC. As a consumer, you need to choose the best offer for yourself.

Choose what’s the plan best for you as per your requirements and live peacefully.

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