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Best LIC Child Insurance Plans to invest in 2019

To secure the future of their children is one of the biggest worries which the parents in today’s date. LIC, being the most reputed and the oldest, has taken upcharge for these worries of the parents as well. To eradicate the worries of the parents, LIC have come up with Child Plans.

Before knowing about the best LIC Child Plans is, let’s first understand the concept of child plans.

Child Plans not only financially secures the future of children but also acts as a guardian in case of the absence of an actual parent. LIC Child Plans assure parents that they are a responsible provider and also guarantee a financially stable future.

The next important question which comes up is why child plans are necessary. Not only do these plans guarantee a financially secure future for a child, even after the death of a parent but also it protects a child against the uncertainties of life. It allows the parents to increase the savings for their children’s future.

Now that we’ve addressed the important questions let’s dive straight into the top child plans offered by LIC.

This policy is a participating, non-linked premium payment, which is a mix of insurance and savings for the future of your child. This is an effective insurance plan which will enable you to fulfil the dreams of your child.

This is a traditional child plan and is a mix of Endowment Plan and Money Back Plan. 

In this policy, a parent or a grandparent of a child between 0 and 12 years of age can become the policyholder.

Also, there’s no cap on the maximum sum assured for the plan and also offers flexible premium payment options, along with a free lock-in period up to 15 days.

This policy is a tailor-made to help your child achieve milestones such as higher education, wedding, etc. by planning for the investments well in advance.

It supports you to be prepared for the increased expenses involved in higher education, marriage, and other expenditures.

This policy term extends to a maximum of 25 years less age at the entry, and here no cap is applicable on the sum insured. The survival benefits are settled back at a rate of 20% along with incentives. Loan facilities can also be availed to overcome unforeseen difficulties.

These are two best policies which are available in Child Plans, which are the best for your children. There are several benefits which can be availed by LIC Child Plans, which are financing your child’s school fees, higher education, support co-curricular activities and also, your child’s wedding as well.

LIC Child Plan can be applied in two ways –


You’ll be required to visit the official website of LIC and fill-up the form which includes necessary details.

There are a few LIC insurance plans which can be applied online-only, and you can visit the official port to access the list.


If you wish to opt for a policy which isn’t available online, you can contact brokers, agents, banks, etc., to enable the professional help you with the process.

Choose the best plan for yourself and live peacefully.

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