1.      Corporate Solutions
                          I.            Retirement Solutions
These investment plans help the employer to build fund to meet the employees’ needs of gratuity, superannuation, pension/ annuity and leave encashment. Further the plans are available as traditional and unit linked plan.
                        II.            Group Protection Plans
These term insurance plans are designed to secure employees’ families in face of unforeseen or unfortunate incidents. The group protections plans cover different formal and informal groups, such as;
·         Employer-Employee Groups
·         Borrower/ Depositor Groups
·         Professional/ Affinity Groups
               Further the policy offers range of riders to provide added benefit for Accidental Death, Disability, Critical illness etc.
2.      Group Loan Protection Products
SBI Life RiNn Raksha Plan is a Group Credit Insurance Plan that helps the family of insured live debt-free. The policy is devised to cover Housing Loans, Car Loans, Agricultural Loans, Educational Loans and Personal Loans. 
For more details: http://www.sbilife.co.in/sbilife/content/10_4270
3.      Group Micro Insurance Plans
Group Micro Insurance Plans are developed to provide life cover to those who avail financing through Micro Financing groups/ NGOs or Grameen banks. The purpose is to provide maximum benefit at the lowest premium.
                          I.            SBI Life Grameen Shakti
                        II.            SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha

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