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National Insurance

National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) is a state-owned general insurance company. NICL was established in the year of 1906 and was nationalized in the year of 1972. The headquarters of the company is in Kolkata. NICL is a leading insurance provider in India as well as in Nepal too.
National Insurance Company provides various kind of insurance to its customers. NIC have around 1000 offices and more than 16000 skilled personnel. The NIC covers from rural areas to townships and metropolitan cities.
National Insurance Company offers the complete protection against a wide range of risks to its customers.
National Insurance Details: 
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NICL provides policies targeting different sectors:

·         Personal Insurance policies: Accident insurance, Medical insurance, Property insurance and auto insurance.
·         Rural Insurance policies: policies against natural and climatic disasters (draught, flood etc.)  And for agricultural and rural businesses.
·         Commercial Insurance Policies: Protection against loss and damage of property during transportation, transaction etc
·         Industrial Insurance policies: project, construction, fire, contracts, loss of equipment, theft etc.
The National Insurance Company has received several awards and accolades like Business Leadership Award in 2012 by NDTV Profit, Top 100 CISO Award in 2012, Digital Inclusion Award in 2012 and much more.
Policies Provided by the NICL (National Insurance Company Limited):
·        Motor Policy (2 wheeler & private car)
·        National Mediclaim policy
·        Parivar Mediclaim Policy
·        Varistha Mediclaim Policy
·        Personal Accident Policy
·        National Mediclaim Plus Policy
·        Overseas Mediclaim Policy
·        Householder Policy
·        Fire SF SP Single Block Policy
·        Universal Health Insurance Policy
·        Janta Personal Accident Policy
·        Gramin Suswasthya Policy
·        Gramin Suraksha Policy
·        Renew Motor Commercial Policy
Motor Insurance Policy:
Motor Insurance Policies or contracts are subjected to the basic principles, which are liability insurance in general. The National Insurance company provides:
          Private car
Health Insurance Policy:
This policy covers the reasonable and necessary expenses of a person regarding the illness/disease/injury to the person, National Insurance Company provides the following policies:
·         Overseas Mediclaim Holiday and Business: Package policy that covers travel emergencies while traveling abroad for Business and Holiday.
·         Overseas Mediclaim Studies and Employment: Package policy that covers travel emergencies while traveling abroad for Employment and studies.
·         National Mediclaim Plus Policy: Package policy that offers the protection for high health care expenses and makes the expensive service available easily.
·      Parivar Mediclaim policy: package covers the financial protection against the expenses of treatment in hospital for illness/ disease/ accidental injury, for the whole family which includes self, spouse, and two children.
·      National Mediclaim Policy: Covers the hospitalization expenses of the insured person for illness/ disease/ accidental injury, within the policy period and also covers 140+ day care procedures and surgeries.
Personal Insurance:
In personal insurance provided by the National Insurance Company contains three policies: Householders policy, Personal accident policy, and Janta Personal Accident.
·         Householders Policy: provides the coverage to your property, home and contents as per their market values. The policy also provides insurance for the structure of your building.
·         Individual personal Accident: this policy provides your beneficiary with a death benefit in accidental death and also provides the cover against the Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) due to an accident.
Rural Insurance:
·         Gramin Suswasthya Microinsurance Policy: policy have two sections in section I, it covers the hospitalization expenses for family and in section II, covers personal accident and outdoor patient expenses to the insured and spouse due to the accident.
·         Gramin Suraksha Bima Policy:  it has 3 sections. Section I covers buildings and contents. Section II covers the hospitalization charges for the family. Section III covers personal accident.
Industrial Risk Insurance:
·         Machinery Insurance
·         Electronic Equipment Insurance
Commercial risk Insurance:
·         Fire and special perils
·         Shopkeeper insurance
For any details, the customer can refer to NICL’s website and get all the details regarding every policy. The customer can buy and renew the policies online on their website The National Insurance Company provides toll-free numbers and also a mobile app to make the service better and efficient. The customers must read all the terms and conditions properly before buying any policy. The National Insurance company is a leading insurance company, you would not be disappointed by their services.