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How to Calculate LIC Premium

Premium calculation is not only important for the policy holders in order to check how much one has to for its policy. But it is also helpful for a person who is planning to buy an insurance policy.

One of the sophisticated ways to calculate LIC premium is through visiting LIC official website, It is a convenient and sophisticated way to check premium of different policies on the yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly basis. Furthermore, by using this calculator one can calculate Service Tax. Below is the picture of online calculator:
Here we discuss two things: first how to calculate the premiums and what to expect in the result.

Calculating Premium

Whoever wishes to check the premium for a plan has to visit the website Once there, he, then, has to select the plan for which he wishes to check the premium.
Existing policy holders or prospect policy holders can calculate the premium of Insurance Plans and Pension Plan. For different policies, a user needs to enter different information, essential for that policy, to calculate the premiums. For example if one wants to calculate the premium of “New BeemaBachat” (816) plan, he has to enter the following information, see picture below.
As we can see that if a new or an old policy holder wants to check the premium of “New BimaBachat” policy, he has to enter Age, Term, and Sum Assured to calculate the premium of this policy.
On the other hand, a customer just has to enter Age of the policyholder and the Sum Assured by or on the behalf of the policyholder, in order to calculate “New Money Back Plan (20 years) (820)”. Please see the picture below:
On the picture above we can see an additional option that is of “Accident Benefit”. If an existing policy older has been availing or a new client wants to avail it, along with “New Money Back Plan” then they have to click on the box to calculate their premium.
It is the same with the other policies, the information required to enter for policy’s premium calculation differs from plan to plan. It is worthwhile to note that users can only calculate the premium of the policies that fall under “Insurance Plans” or “Pension Plans”.


Once a person enters the required information for checking a specific premium plan, he then has to click on the Calculate button, which automatically calculate the plan and shows the result. It’s obvious that the result differs from plan to plan.
The resulting window shows, for most of the plans, a table with the following columnsMode, Premium, Service Tax and Total.
The mode is for the payment of the premium, like yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly, thus the premium are calculated with accordance to the time period mentioned under the Mode column.
In the above picture, we can see the complete result for the premium calculation of “New Endowment Plan”. Please note that the value put for the calculation of this plan, i.e Term, Age, and Sum Assured are arbitrary.


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