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Find Life insurance Corporation of India Login information for the various type of users like merchants, agents, development officers and customers as well as new and regular users.
How to Login to Lic India?
  • They are two kinds of logins for users and Agents
  • Choose user Account if you are a Policyholder, if you are an Agent then click lic agent login portal.
  1. Enter your user id (Policy number)
  2. and password
You can able check lic policy status, Register / Enroll New Policy, Pay premium Amount online by Net Banking.


Mostly customer login for pay payment online, you can also pay the premium by without login to lic portal lic direct pay from here..
But following details required.
  1. Policy Number
  2. Premium Amount
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Email Address and Phone Number
After above details  a simple human verification code asks, Apart from above we also pay the premium by Policy Number online without visiting any nearest lic branch office.

LIC Login for Premium payment

you can pay directly lic payment without log into but we have lot of benefit for the register at the LIC portal.
benefits like we check maturity date and also bonus amount based on the annuity. and some of kinds of grants by life insurance corporation of India.
we can also load amount status against policy. and tax deductions according the financial year.

LIC Life insurance Policy VS FD Fixed deposit.

  1. On the  FD fixed deposit, we can get a fixed rate of interest on a certain period of time. but no life coverage benefits.
  2. Upon an insurance policy, we can get Interest in the form of Bonus but it’s not at fixed rate. it may lower/ highest than interest rates.
  3. you can withdraw FD anytime but less than one year you cannot get interest.
  4. LIC policy cannot withdraw until 3 years to complete.
  5. TAX Exemption better than FD at insurance Policy.

LIC Loan interest rate decrease tips?

You can get based than FD and LIC insurance Policy, Here is a Tip I  have founded during my loan payment. I have to plan a car on finance. but they are calculation interest on whole on road price including my down payment also.
if car price is 10 lakhs they calculating interest on 10L but my down payment is 4L.Actual they have to calculate interest for 6. what  I did, I got a loan  through lic policy bond with 6+4=10. then I can pay my loan at lower than the interest rate in installments.

LIC Customer care Helpline toll-free numbers

LIC Customer Care Numbers:-
LIC Toll Free Number: 1800-33-4433, 1800-22-4077
Mon to Fri 8.00 am to 8.00 pm & Sat 10 am to 6 pm
LIC Policy Enquiry : 1251 (24X7)
NOTE: we can pay Lic Premium online Without login and Registration also.
If you want to know about policy status by login to lic.  lic policy status online

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