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HDFC Life Insurance Plans

HDFC  Life Insurance Overview

HDFC Group carries out the Insurance functions through HDFC ERGO and HDFC Life. HDFC ERGO is a General Insurance Company where HDFC Life operates as Life Insurance Company. HDFC ERGO is rewarded by ICRA with iAAA rating certificate for highest claim paying ability. In addition to Protection, Pension and Savings Plans, HDFC Insurance Life offers special Plans for Women and Children thus extending the coverage to all sections.

Get Ready To Protect Your Life Through HDFC Life Insurance

Life insurance is often seen as a protection against misfortune. Apart from that, it also provides dual benefits of security and saving. There are many reasons to buy the life insurance for your life. If you like to buy the life insurance policies, you want to consider HDFC life insurance policy is the right choice for you. When you get the life insurance policy then you have to utilize a number of benefits in your life.

Benefits of HDFC life insurance:

There are many insurance plans are available, but life insurance is an essential for everyone want to buy. The following benefits should be an integral part of the financial plans in everyone life.
⦁ Today, life is full of uncertainties, so everyone wants to protect their life. The life insurance makes sure that your family continues to enjoy a good quality of life against any uncertainties.
⦁ It is not only provided for financial support but also acts as a long-term investment for your life. It is also used to meet your financial goals easily without any hassle. it will helpful for your children’s education, building a dream home, relaxed retired life, risk appetite, and marriage.
⦁ Life insurers through riders are insurance plans offers the protection benefits against hospitalization expenses and critical diseases. This will help when you have any medical bill difficulties.
⦁ On the other hand, it is a long term contract and you have to pay a fixed amount. So it builds a long term savings helpful for your big financial needs. this regular saving over a very long period of time makes sure that you meet financial needs at various stages in your life.
⦁ It is one of the best instruments for the planning of retirement. You can save money during the learning life span and you can utilize those savings after your retirement in a better level. it will meet your financial requirements after retirement.
⦁ The policies also offer a great opportunity to participate in the growth of economic without taking the investment risk. Apart from that, some kind special offers are also provided for policyholders rightly.
For buying the life insurance policy insurances, you want to choose the right place. The HDFC life insurance is the right choice for when you are searching the reliable life insurance. You can also get a lot of benefits when you buy these insurances. Therefore, this is the right choice to meet various financial requirements.

HDFC Life Insurance Details:

HDFC Life Insurance Some Plans are given Below Click here to More Information about The  HDFC Life Insurance Details.
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HDFC Life Insurance Plans:
HDFC Life Insurance Plans can broadly be classified as

HDFC General Insurance Plans

1.       Motor Insurance– Covers plans for insurance of private and commercial vehicles, providing liability only and comprehensive insurance cover.
2.       Health Insurance Plans– HDFC Health Insurance Plans cover health risk for individuals and family
3.       HDFC Travel Insurance- Provides cover for a single and multi trip for individuals/ families against medical emergency and expenses, accidental damage, baggage and passport loss, trip alteration etc. and comprehensive cover for students studying abroad.
4.       HDFC Personal Accident – HDFC Personal Accident Insurance covers individuals and families against the risk of Accident such as Death, Injury, and Disability.
5.      HDFCHome Insurance- HDFC Home Insurance provides coverage for structure and contents of home against fire and perils, burglary, natural calamity, strike, riot, etc. from 5-year term up to 15 years.
6.       HDFC Commercial Insurance- HDFC Commercial Insurance provides a wide variety of coverage for corporate and business that includes Casualty Insurance, Property Insurance, Group Accident and Health Insurance, Specialty Insurance etc.
7.      HDFC Rural Insurance– HDFC Insurance is among few Insurance Companies to cover Rural Insurance and includes Crop Insurance, Weather Insurance, Kissan Sarva Suraksha Kawach, Cattle Insurance and Rainfall Index Insurance

HDFC Life Insurance Plans

HDFC Life Insurance Plans cover a wide range of segments and include protection, savings, and investment plans. Few are highlighted below.
1.       HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus– Comprehensive Term insurance Plan with Life Cover and Accidental Death Benefit. Sum assured payable in lump sum or regular monthly installments.
2.       HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan– This is a savings plan designed for the unique needs of a woman pertaining to career, health, and marriage. The risks related to woman’s life such as pregnancy risks, Female Organs cancer, and death of a spouse are counted in and benefits paid accordingly. The premium is invested in the type of Fund chosen for a term of 10 or 15 years. Premium waiver benefit under multiple plans is available.
3.       HDFC Click 2 Invest Plan– This is a saving cum Investment ULIP for a term from 5 to 20 years. The plan offers 100% Premium allocation in 8 fund options to be chosen by the insured covered by Equity Funds, Balanced and Debt Fund. Fund switching option, redirection of premium and partial withdrawal are other benefits offered under this plan.
4.   HDFC Life Click 2 Retire– Retirement Plans of HDFC include Fixed, Variable and Immediate Annuity Plans with wide range covered by 6 policies.  HDFC Insurance Life Click 2 Retire is ULIP plan for Retirement, available as special plan online. Minimum age under the plan is 18 years. The policy is matured at the end of the term, and the benefit is paid as higher of the two; Fund Value OR Assured Vesting Benefit. The fund value can further be invested as Annuities to withdraw periodical benefits for a lifetime. In the event of death during the policy term, the benefits from the fund can be transferred the nominee.
5.  Health Plans– Includes HDFC Life Cancer Plan, the sum assured is payable in the event of cancer diagnosis and Health Assure Medical Insurance Plan.
6.  Children’s Plans– HDFC  Insurance offers ULIP plan for coverage of expenses required for child’s      future.
7.   Rural and Social Plans– Offered to the deprived sections of society who qualify for micro financing.
8.  Shaurya Plans – Designed to meet unique requirements of Armed Forces and Defence Personnel.
In addition to above, Group Employee Benefit and Pension Plans are provided.

HDFC LIFE Policy Staus / login /maturity HDFCLIFE.COM


  1. HDFC policy login  using USER ID/ email ID and password
  2. HDFC life policy registration: required fields policy number & DOB HDFCpolicy holder  registration
  3. HDFC policy status through phone Call 1860 267 9999 (All 7 days; 9 am to 9 pm. Local charges apply.
  4. BY SMS just type POLICY and SMS to 5676727.

HDFC LIFE Online premium payment

You can pay through HDFC credit card EMI Based, Net Baking, autopay using NEFT, offline by HDFC branch.
For paying premium online at HDFC Portal all, you have to need to enter following details.
  1. Policy number
  2. Date of birth
  3. Policyholder Name
  4. Due date
  5. Due amount
  6. Email Address
  7. Contact Number

HDFC Insurance Customer care Number toll-free & email Address

Insurance Plans for You –
1800 266 9777 / 1800 227 227
Contact Customer Service –
1860 267 9999 (Local Charges Applicable)

(Mon-Sun 9 am to 9 pm. Do NOT prefix any country code. eg. +91 or 00)

    • SMS LIFE to 56161 ^
    • SMS SERVICE to 5676727

(Charges applicable as per service provider)