Insurance Agents / Brokers contact lists (how to contact them in your local area)

Insurance Agents/ Brokers Eligibility Jobs

Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents are the Insurance Industry workers who have flexibility to work in terms of place and time, and are not bound by company regulations with respect to the same. Revenue model for Insurance Brokers is Commission-based. Insurance Companies use the channel of Insurance Agents effectively to capitalize their turnover and expand business across country. On the other hand it helps the Agents to build their secondary source of income with flexibility in work. This method of distribution has proved a success for both the company and independent agents who can earn unlimited using their networking skills and relationship strategy.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers, unlike Insurance Agents, are the professionals that represent the client’s side. They have been introduced by IRDA to consider the interests of Insurance Buyers. If Agents capitalize the sales for Insurance Companies, Brokers are meant to capitalize the Return from Insurance by suggesting the best policy available for client’s business/ organizational needs.  The cost of Insurance Brokers is borne by the Insurance Companies. Insurance Broking Agencies need to be certified by IRDA to operate in the industry. Brokers are highly regulated. Apart from a minimum paid-up capital of Rs 50 Lacs – Rs 250 Lacs (based on the type of License), Brokers need to have fully trained staff and proper infrastructure.
Job Eligibility for Insurance Agents
1.       Age- The candidate must be 18 year old and above.
2.       Qualification- Degree in Higher Secondary Examination (12th Standard) must be produced
3.       Process- Contact your nearest concerned Insurance Company branch stating your interest to be an agent. The interviewer will assess your request and advise to the training department for further process.
4.       Training- Once the department forwards your application to Training Section, you will be trained for minimum of 100 hours, and the time frame may differ according to your interest in composite General and Life Insurance products. The training programme is spread over sessions to ensure that you get the required understanding of products and features.   
5.       Recruitment Examination- Once the training process is over, you are supposed to appear in IRDA conducted examination requiring you to pass with 50% marks and you will become a qualified Insurance Agent.
Job Eligibility for Insurance Broking Jobs
1.       Educational Qualification- Most of the Insurance Broking Profiles needs Graduate/ Post Graduate, especially in the fields of Insurance/ Marketing/ Finance are eligible. However actual eligibility depends upon the specific skills related to the profile applied. For accounts related profiles, qualified Chartered Accountants are required.
2.       Important Skills- Exceptional Market knowledge, Networking and socializing skills, Negotiation Skills, Expertise in Insurance Products, Analytical Skills, and Interpersonal Communication Skills are some of the commonly identified personal skills that qualify for Broking Jobs Eligibility.
3.       Experience- 3-5 Years of experience in the field Corporate Insurance and Risk management is considered one of the strongest eligibilities to hire candidates for Brokers Jobs. The candidates are continuously trained (in house or outsourced training) to increase their value to the employer. Companies employing fresh recruits offer on-job training programs and the candidates are attached to work under experienced senior employees till they are ready to take independent charge.

How to find insurance Agents/ brokers in local Area?
simple way to get local insurance Agents just search on google, insurance agents in some area. like lic agents in Hyderabad. you may find through google places or local classifieds sites like OLX and QUIKR.

insurance agents in delhiinsurance agents in chennai  bangolroe, kolkata hyderabad and other etc..


Bajaj Allianz Vehicle /Health Insurance Online Payment

Bajaj Allianz Vehicle /Health Insurance Online Payment
Bajaj Allianz is India’s one of leading General Insurance Companies. The company is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. Bajaj Allianz enjoys great reputation among its private counterparts and has been credited with several awards and recognition for its client service and innovative claim settlement app.
The major products that the company offers are in the categories of
1.      Motor or Vehicle Insurance
2.      Health Insurance
3.      Travel Insurance
4.      Home Insurance
The policies devised by the Bajaj Allianz benefit a wide range of insured that includes family, students, business, individuals and corporate.
Online Facilities with Bajaj Allianz
Ø  Online purchase of each of the policy mentioned above
Ø   Renewal of various policies
Ø  Generate claim assistance forms and documents across categories of Motor insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Rural Insurance and others.
Bajaj Allianz Vehicle Insurance Online Payment 

Car Insurance Online Payment

This facility allows you to buy or renew Car Insurance Policy online.
1.       Go to internet and click open
2.       On the main page, next to “Home” button is “Motor Insurance” button. Move your cursor and select Car Insurance.
3.       As the page opens, select one of the four options:
a.       Renew any Insurer’s Car Insurance Policy
b.      Renew Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy
c.       Get quote for new Car Insurance
d.      Buy from previous saved quote
For instance, if you click (a), the page will lead to a form asking your particulars to be completed in 4 steps
                                             i.            Basic Information
                                           ii.            Quote
                                          iii.            Additional Information
                                         iv.            Payment Information
By completing the above four steps you’ll complete the policy renewal. Similar procedure must be followed for other three (b), (c), (d) options above.

Two-wheeler Insurance Online Payment

This facility allows you to buy or renew Two-wheeler Insurance Policy online.
1.       Go to internet and click open
2.       On the main page, next to “Home” button is “Motor Insurance” button. Move your cursor and select Two-wheeler Insurance.
3.       As the page opens, select one of the four options:
a.       Renew any Insurer’s Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
b.      Renew Bajaj Allianz Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
c.       Get quote for new Two-wheeler Insurance
For instance, if you click (a), the page will lead to a form asking your particulars to be completed in four steps
                                             i.            Basic Information
                                           ii.            Quote
                                          iii.            Additional Information
                                         iv.            Payment Information
By completing the above four steps you’ll complete the policy renewal. Similar procedure must be followed for other two (b), (c) options above.

Liability Only Motor Insurance Online Payment

This facility allows you to buy or renew Liability Only Insurance Policy online.
1.       Go to internet and click open
2.       On the main page, next to “Home” button is “Motor Insurance” button. Move your cursor and select Liability Only Motor Insurance.
3.       As the page opens, select one of the four options:
a.       Renew Commercial Vehicle (Liability Only) Policy
b.      Renew Private Car (Liability Only) Policy
c.       Renew Two-wheeler (Liability Only) Policy
d.      Buy from previous saved quote
For instance, if you click (a), the page will lead to a form asking your particulars to be completed in four steps
                                             i.            Basic Information
                                           ii.            Calculate Premium
                                          iii.            Upload Docs              
                                         iv.            Additional Information
                                           v.            Make Payment
By completing the above four steps you’ll complete the policy renewal. Similar procedure must be followed for other two (b), (c), (d) options above.
Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Online Payment
This facility allows you to buy or renew Health Insurance Policy online.
1.       Go to internet and click open
2.       On the main page, next to “Motor Insurance” button is “Health Insurance”. Move your cursor and select one among the following insurance options
a.       For the Individual
Click open to complete the process in 5 simple steps
b.      For the Family
Click open to complete the process in 3 simple steps
c.       Personal Guard
Click open to complete the process in 3 simple steps
d.      Critical Illness
                              Click open to complete the process in 3 simple steps
e.      Top up Health Plan
                           Click open to complete the process in 3 simple steps

HDFC Insurance Plans online premium payment customer care no general & life policy staus

HDFC Life insurance Plans Travel, Health, general car, bike from HDFC ERGO, premium payment & policy status.
HDFC Insurance Plans

HDFC Insurance Overview
HDFC Group carries out the Insurance functions through HDFC ERGO and HDFC Life. HDFC ERGO is a General Insurance Company where HDFC Life operates as Life Insurance Company. HDFC ERGO is rewarded by ICRA with iAAA rating certificate for highest claim paying ability. In addition to Protection, Pension and Savings Plans, HDFC Life offers special Plans for Women and Children thus extending the coverage to all sections
HDFC Insurance Plans
HDFC Insurance Plans can broadly be classified as

HDFC General Insurance Plans

1.       Motor Insurance– Covers plans for insurance of private and commercial vehicles, providing liability only and comprehensive insurance cover.
2.       Health Insurance Plans– HDFC Health Insurance Plans cover health risk for individuals and family
                                I.            Health Suraksha: Covers for pre- hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses  with sum assured from 3 lacs to 10 lacs
                              II.            Health Suraksha Gold: Same as above plus life time renewal and maternity benefits
                            III.            Health Suraksha Regain/ Gold Regain: Provides special benefit of no claim bonus from 10% to 100% and automatic reinstating of sum assured upon exhaustion.
                            IV.            Health Suraksha Top Up- With Top up you can ensure life time coverage with larger sum assured at reasonable cost
                              V.            Critical Illness- Covers 8 critical illnesses; heart attack, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, major organ transplant, kidney failure, coronary artery bypass surgery, paralysis
                            VI.            Critical Illness Platinum- In addition to above covers 7 more Critical Illness diseases, such as, heart valve replacement, benign brain tumor, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
3.       HDFC Travel Insurance- Provides cover for single and multi trip for individuals/ families against medical emergency and expenses, accidental damage, baggage and passport loss, trip alteration etc. and comprehensive cover for students studying abroad.
4.       HDFC Personal Accident – HDFC Personal Accident Insurance covers individuals and families against risk of Accident such as Death, Injury and Disability.
5.      HDFC Home Insurance- HDFC Home Insurance provides coverage for structure and contents of home against fire and perils, burglary, natural calamity, strike, riot, etc. from 5 year term up to 15 year.
6.       HDFC Commercial Insurance- HDFC Commercial Insurance provides a wide variety of coverage for corporate and business that includes Casualty Insurance, Property Insurance, Group Accident and Health Insurance, Specialty Insurance etc. 
7.      HDFC  Rural Insurance– HDFC is among few Insurance Companies to cover Rural Insurance and includes Crop Insurance, Weather Insurance, Kissan Sarva Suraksha Kawach, Cattle Insurance and Rainfall Index Insurance

HDFC Life Insurance Plans

HDFC Life Insurance Plans cover a wide range of segments and include protection, savings and investment plans. Few are highlighted below.
1.       HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus– Comprehensive Term insurance Plan with Life Cover and Accidental Death Benefit. Sum assured payable in lump sum or regular monthly instalments.
2.       HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan– This is a savings plan designed for the unique needs of a woman pertaining to career, health and marriage. The risks related to woman’s life such as, pregnancy risks, Female Organs cancer and death of spouse are counted in and benefits paid accordingly. The premium is invested in the type of Fund chosen for a term of 10 or 15 years. Premium waiver benefit under multiple plans is available.
3.       HDFC Click 2 Invest Plan– This is a saving cum Investment ULIP for a term from 5 to 20 years. The plan offers 100% Premium allocation in 8 fund options to be chosen by the insured covered by Equity Funds, Balanced and Debt Fund. Fund switching option, redirection of premium and partial withdrawal are other benefits offered under this plan.
4.       HDFC Life Click 2 Retire– Retirement Plans of HDFC include Fixed, Variable and Immediate Annuity Plans with wide range covered by 6 policies.  HDFC Life Click 2 Retire is ULIP plan for Retirement, available as special plan online. Minimum age under the plan is 18 years. The policy is matured at the end of the term, and benefit is paid as higher of the two; Fund Value OR Assured Vesting Benefit. The fund value can further be invested as Annuities to with draw periodical benefits for life time. In the event of death during the policy term, the benefits from fund can be transferred the nominee.
5.       Health Plans– Includes HDFC Life Cancer Plan, the sum assured is payable in the event of cancer diagnosis and Health Assure Medical Insurance Plan.
6.       Children’s Plans– HDFC offers ULIP plan for coverage of expenses required for child’s future.
7.       Rural and Social Plans– Offered to the deprived sections of society who qualify for micro financing.
8.       Shaurya Plans – Designed to meet unique requirements of Armed Forces and Defence Personnel.          
In addition to above, Group Employee Benefit and Pension Plans are provided.

HDFC LIFE Policy Staus / login /maturity HDFCLIFE.COM

  1. HDFC policy login  using USER ID/ email ID and password
  2. HDFC life policy registration: required filelds policy number & DOB HDFCpolicy holder  registration
  3. HDFC policy status through phone Call 1860 267 9999 (All 7 days; 9am to 9pm. Local charges apply.
  4. BY SMS just type POLICY and SMS to 5676727.

HDFC LIFE Online premium payment

You can pay through HDFC credit card EMI Based, Net Baking, autopay using NEFT, offline by HDFC branch.
For paying premium online at HDFC Portal all, you have to need to enter following details.
  1. Policy number
  2. Date of birth
  3. Policyholder Name
  4. Due date
  5. Due amount
  6. Email Address
  7. Contact Number

HDFC Customer care Number toll-free & email Address

Insurance Plans for You –
1800 266 9777 / 1800 227 227
Contact Customer Service –
1860 267 9999 (Local Charges Applicable)

(Mon-Sun 9am to 9pm. Do NOT prefix any country code. eg. +91 or 00)

  • SMS LIFE to 56161 ^
  • SMS SERVICE to 5676727
  • (Charges applicable as per service provider)


SBI Life Insurance Plans online premium payment calculate & compare policy status

0 plans, customer care no, login portal online payment premium online agents brokes etc..

SBI Life Insurance Plans Money back child pension.

SBI Life  Overview

SBI Life Insurance is a joint venture between State Bank of India and BNP Paribas Cardiff, where in, SBI owns 74% of the share capital.  The total authorized capital of the company is reported to be INR 2, 000 crores where as total paid up capital is INR 1, 000 crores. Well- integrated with technology, SBI Life Insurance launches a website that becomes the first and only multi-lingual life insurance website in country. The company follows the multi distribution channel including Bancassurance, Retain Agency, Institutional Alliance and Corporate Solutions distribution channels.

SBI Life Insurance Plans
SBI Life Insurance plans are categorized into three broad classifications that cover about 40 policies.

SBI Life Insurance Individual Plans

Individual life insurance plans are designed to cater to security needs, education needs, investment needs, pension needs and other social obligations of the insured. A comprehensive cover is provided through the below mentioned individual life insurance plans

1.    SBI Life Unit Linked Plans

ULIPs are long term investment cum protection plans that offer dual benefit of Life Insurance Cover and Market Linked Returns. Various plans linked to ULIP are enumerated below
                                 I.            SBI Life e-Wealth Insurance- Non-participating Online ULIP plan that offers investment through Automatic Asset Allocation
Premium Min.: INR 1000/ month
                               II.            SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder- market linked plan that offers death benefit and maturity benefit as per the plan chosen
Premium Min.: INR 30, 000 P.A.
                             III.            SBI Life Smart Wealth Assure
Single premium plan linked to market through Equity and Bond Fund
Premium Min.: INR 50, 000
                             IV.            SBI Life Saral Maha Anand- covers Maturity, Death and Rider benefits under single plan. Provides multiple fund options to choose from.
Premium Min.: INR 15, 000 P.A.
                               V.            SBI Life Smart Scholar- Market linked plan providing dual benefit of insurance cover and market returns plus. Accident Death and Permanent & Total Disability Benefit. Policy can be taken by parent of a child from 0 to 17 yr of age.
                             VI.            SBI Life Smart Elite- Allows you to pay limited term or single premium with option to change the sum assured.
Limited Premium Min.: INR 1, 50, 000
Single Premium Min.: INR 2, 00, 000
                           VII.            SBI Life Smart Power Insurance

2.    SBI Life Insurance Child Plans

 Insurance Investment designed for child’s educational and future needs.
                                 I.            SBI Life Smart Champ Insurance
                               II.            SBI Life Smart Scholar
3.      SBI Life Insurance Pension Plans
SBI Life Pension Plans are designed to secure future after retirement.
                                I.            SBI Life Saral Pension
                              II.            SBI Life Retire Smart
                            III.            SBI Life Annuity Plus- Non- Participating Online Unit Linked Plan

4.   SBI Life Protection Plans

Protection plans provide for basic life cover with some rider benefits for accidental disability.
                                I.            SBI Life Smart Shield- Term Insurance Plan with special rider benefits for Accidental Death, Disability and Critical illness.
                              II.            SBI Life Saral Shield- Term Insurance Plan with special premium discounts for Women
                            III.            SBI Life – eShield- Online Term Insurance Plan
                            IV.            SBI Life Grameen Beema- specially designed to cover life risk for the deprived sections of society at reasonable premium cost. The policy covers Death Benefit and Surrender Benefit, subject to policy terms.

5.      SBI Life Saving Plans

Saving plans allow the insured to avail benefit of Life Insurance in event of Death and Refund of Premium in the event of survival. 
                                I.            Smart Sawdhan Plus
                              II.            Smart Humsafar- A joint Life Insurance Plan for both Husband and Wife.
                            III.            Smart Money Planner
                            IV.            CSC Saral Sanchay- Variable Insurance Plan can be bought from any authorized Common Service Center.  Provides facility of partial withdrawal

SBI Life Insurance Group Plans

 SBI Life Insurance Group Plans are specifically devised to meet the insurance needs of employees of organization/ companies under statutory and other obligations of the employer. Some of the Group Insurance Plans provided by SBI Life are as under.
1.      Corporate Solutions
                          I.            Retirement Solutions
These investment plans help the employer to build fund to meet the employees’ needs of gratuity, superannuation, pension/ annuity and leave encashment. Further the plans are available as traditional and unit linked plan.
                        II.            Group Protection Plans
These term insurance plans are designed to secure employees’ families in face of unforeseen or unfortunate incidents. The group protections plans cover different formal and informal groups, such as;
·         Employer-Employee Groups
·         Borrower/ Depositor Groups
·         Professional/ Affinity Groups
               Further the policy offers range of riders to provide added benefit for Accidental Death, Disability, Critical illness etc.
2.      Group Loan Protection Products
SBI Life RiNn Raksha Plan is a Group Credit Insurance Plan that helps the family of insured live debt-free. The policy is devised to cover Housing Loans, Car Loans, Agricultural Loans, Educational Loans and Personal Loans. 
3.      Group Micro Insurance Plans
Group Micro Insurance Plans are developed to provide life cover to those who avail financing through Micro Financing groups/ NGOs or Grameen banks. The purpose is to provide maximum benefit at the lowest premium.
                          I.            SBI Life Grameen Shakti
                        II.            SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha

View Online SBI Life Insurance Plans here
SBI Life online premium payment
SBI Life Insurance policy status you have to log in to customer portal below
SBI Life premium calculator for all plans
sbi life insurance customer login portal

sbi life insurance customer care no

Email us: 
Call us: Toll Free Numbers: 1800 22 9090
(Customer Service timings: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week)

SBI General Insurance Car, bike, Health Plans and comparison benefits

SBI General Insurance Car, bike, Health Plans and comparison benefits
SBI General Insurance
SBI General Overview
SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group (IAG), where in, SBI owns 74% of the total capital. With SBI’s wide reach of branches across nation, SBI General Insurance is gifted with the robust distribution along the SBI channel. The other channels through which SBI General operates are Agency Broking and Retail Direct channels. In total, the SBI General Insurance distribution network includes over 11,000 IRDA certified SBI and its Associate Bank employees and over 4,800 Agents.
Products offered by SBI General Insurance      

Insurance for Individuals

1.      SBI General  Motor Insurance

                              i.            Private Cars – The SBI General Insurance Motor Car Policy is devised to include Third Party Liability in addition to damage to vehicle insured. The policy covers Personal Accident for the owner. Several add- on features like additional legal liability towards paid driver and employee, zero depreciation, bi-fuel kit, loss of personal belongings etc are available at additional premium payment.
                            ii.            Two-wheeler- The SBI General Insurance Motor Two-wheeler Policy is devised to cover risk against third party liability and damage to the vehicle insured. Personal accident cover for registered driver and pillion riders are available for add-ons.

 2.       SBI GeneraHome Insurance

 Provides Long Term Home Insurance that covers risk against damage to the structure of house due to man-made and natural calamities for a period up to 30 years, with in-built cover for earth quake damage.
3.   SBI Genera    Personal Accident Insurance – Provides cover against loss of life due to accident (death or disability), further classified as
                                 i.            Individual Personal Accident Cover- The policy covers risk of loss due to accident for self employed, salaried or business class individuals, includes loss of life due to accident, disability and income loss due to accident.
                               ii.            Group Personal Accident Cover- The policy covers death due to accident. The Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy can be bought by a permanent Indian resident if he/she is the account holder in SBI and its associate banks.

4.   SBI General Health Insurance

                                 i.            Health Insurance- Provides risk cover against medical expenses, pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses, medical care, child care, nursing attendants for individuals and family ranging from INR 50,000 to 500, 000. Cashless facility in network hospitals.
                               ii.            Critical illness- Covers risk against critical illness, e.g., Cancer, kidney failure, major organ transplant, coma, heart valve surgery, paralysis etc. For details check here!%40%40%3F_afrWindowMode%3D0%26_afrLoop%3D63887745532606185%26_afrWindowId%3D1cprkeruiw_186%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D1cprkeruiw_234
                              iii.            Hospital Daily Cash- The policy covers additional hospital expenses that are not part of medical cost, such as, food, travel etc.
                             iv.            Health Insurance SBI- Provides individual and family floater options. The minimum sum insured is INR 100, 000. Cashless facility in network hospitals.
                               v.            Loan Insurance- The Loan Insurance Policy is uniquely designed to cover losses against : a) Critical Illness b) Personal Accident c) Loss of Employment

5.       SBI Travel Insurance

SBI General Travel Insurance provides most comprehensive cover for expenses incurred for medical treatment of illness, disease contracted or injury sustained during overseas travel. Salient features of the policy include
                                 i.            Medical expenses including evacuation and repatriation, covered up to INR 500, 000
                               ii.            Personal Accident
                              iii.            Travel support for loss of passport, checked baggage, missed connection, home burglary insurance etc.
                             iv.            Hospitalization daily allowance
                               v.            Hijack cover, trip curtailment etc.

Insurance for Business

SBI General Insurance caters to insurance needs of business and industry with its wide range of policies, as listed below
  1. 1.       Fire Insurance
  2. 2.       Health Insurance
  3. 3.       Motor Insurance
  4. 4.       Marine Insurance
  5. 5.       Package Insurance
  6. 6.       Construction/ Engineering
  7. 7.       Miscellaneous

SBI General Insurance web portal facilitates online purchase and renewal of various policies.

In its fourth year of operation, Financial Year ending 2013-14, SBI General Insurance registered a growth of 54% with Gross Written Premium of INR 1188 Crores. During the year 2013-14, SBI General went into collaboration with State Bank of India, where in about 1.5 crore Saving Bank Account holders were covered for Personal Accident Insurance which justifies the above-achieved mark.


Risk Management in banks definition types pdf ppt courses salary process

risk management in banks definition pdf ppt courses salary  process.

Risk Management

Risk management definition

Risk Management can be defined as the process of identifying, analyzing and reducing risks while making investment decision. Ideally, any time an individual or management faces choice of funds, there are risks and therefore natural occurrence of Risk Management. The risk appetite differs from person to person or from business to business. It is said that high risks bring high returns. However there are ways to project and calculate the element of Risk and this is where Risk Management professionals are required. Fund Managers or Risk Management Professionals practice Risk management in order to diversify their portfolio and hence mitigate the exposure to risk.

Risk management in banks

Commonly Identified Risks
Banking is one function where Risk Management is a must as banking process involves high investment and thus exposed to several risks such as Credit Risk, Operational Risk and Market Risk, etc.

Credit Risk

Credit Risk brings forth the risk of non-recovery of loan given by banks/ financial institutions or risk of reduction in the value of asset. The risk of pre-payment makes part of Credit Risk. Credit to countries with adverse foreign reserve or internal political / economic turmoil is also studied under Credit Risk

Interest Rate Risk

These are the Risks arising out of fluctuations in the rate of interest.

Liquidity Risk

Net outflow of funds arising out of withdrawals/ non renewal of deposits is one such risk affecting the liquidity position of bank. Other factor is non-recovery of cash receipts from loan recovery.

Market Risk

 The risk of losses arising from fluctuations in market prices.

 Technology Risk

The rapid change in technology and innovations bring forth the risk of loss due to change or upgrade of technology by competitors.

Regulatory Risk

Change in regulations affects the balance sheet position of banks.

Components of Risk Management Process

The process of Risk Management comprises of the steps as under

Risk Identification

Identifying risks is to put down the different types of risks affecting investment proposal. The clarity in defining risks will help the rationalization of the same.

Risk Assessment

Once risks are potentially identified and enumerated. The next vital step is to be able to assess and quantify the risk along with examining the probability and timing of potential loss under various circumstances.

Risk Control

Risk Control is achieved by stating terms and guidelines that define the risk limits and therefore mitigate the chance of risk occurrence.
Risk Management for Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the most preferred funds by the investors while deciding their portfolio. However, mutual funds being market linked carry risks too. Mutual Funds are of three types; Equity Funds, Debt Funds and Balanced Funds. All the three carry different risks. Considering the investment objectives will help an investor to plan the investment. Equity Funds through carry good returns but are high-risk funds affected by market volatility where as Debt Funds like Bonds and Debentures fluctuate with varying interest rates. Balanced Funds offer safety only if markets are stable over a period of time. Therefore, Investors or Fund Managers need to project market and plan for long-term returns to make sense of the above portfolio.
financial risk management

Health Insurance (All you need to know about it) benefits, coverage and term

Health Insurance

  1. Best Health Insurance Policies, 
  2. list of Health insurnace companies in india,
  3. best family insurance plans.

The relevance of Health Insurance is increasing with growing medical expenses and increasing health risks. Be it individual or companies, Health Insurance is pertinent to relieve one of the medical expenses and overheads. Further, it protects you against sudden critical illness and you don’t feel unprepared in case of emergency. The Health Insurance plans include the cover for your dependants (could be spouse, children and parents in some case) there by providing a family protection.

Coverage of Family Health Insurance

A comprehensive Health Insurance must cover the following
·         Re imbursement of Pre hospitalization and Post- hospitalization expenses
·         Surgical charges, doctor consultancy fee, medical charges etc.
·         Critical Illness Cover

Factors affecting Choice of Health Insurance Plan

The purpose of Health Insurance is solved when it shares your medical burden immediately and over a long time period. Some of the important factors to keep in mind are
·         Coverage Amount
The coverage amount must be chosen considering your treatment preference, residential city, etc. It is advised to take sufficient cover for yourself and family so that you don’t have to later pay the overheads.
·         Re-imbursement
As against the fixed cash allowance plan, one must opt for Reimbursement of Hospital Expenses as the latter is cost- based and therefore, advised.
·         Cashless Facility
The cash less facility is preferred by the insured, as they are relieved of the limits of arranging cash as the time of urgency. With cash less facility option, the insured can directly go to the network hospital and start the treatment process right away by presenting the Health Insurance Card to the hospital administrators and the rest is taken care by the Insurance Company.
·         Age
This is another important factor to consider. While opting for policy, the age for renewal must be examined.
·         Co- Payment
Co payment means that the hospitalization expenses will be divided between the insurer and the insured in certain ratio. The ratio determines the amount of premium paid which must be evaluated.
Selection of Health Insurance Plan
Health Insurance is included in the product portfolio of all General Insurance Companies. There are few companies that provide only Health Insurance Services, such as Apollo Munich, Max Bupa, Religare, Star Health etc. Which means the buyer faces several choices. This calls for a careful evaluation of policies to select the best suitable to you. The selection is not necessarily based on one of all of above factors, but decisions are also affected by the insurer’s goodwill, insurer- insured relationship and individual preference/ perception.
Selective Comparison between Different Health Insurance Plans

New India Assurance’s Mediclaim Policy

Key Factors:
·         No Maximum Age for Renewal if insured has renewed the policy regularly.
·         Sum Assured is from INR 2 lacs to 5 lacs.
·         Does not cover Parents/ Parent in Laws
·         Pre hospitalization for 30 days and post hospitalization for 60 days.
·         Day care treatment/ surgery
·         Waiting period for pre-existing disease cover is 4 years and 2 years for pre-existing conditions.

Oriental Insurance’s Happy Family Floater

Key Features:
·         Includes self, spouse, children, parents and parent in laws.
·         Sum assured is from INR 1 lacs to 10 lacs
·         No claim discount from 5% to 20%
·         Co-payment under Silver Plan @ 10 % where as Gold Plan is without Co-Pay.
·         Pre policy medical check- up not required up to 60 years.  
·         Waiting period 4 years for pre-existing disease
·         Hospitalization expenses for tests, surgery, treatment, room, organ’s transplant, dog bite, critical illness and accidental death and disability are also covered under Silver and Gold Plans.

Appolo Munich’s Optima Restore Family Floater

Key Features:
·         Sum assured starts with INR 3.5 lacs
·         Pre- hospitalization period up to 60 days and post- hospitalization period up to 180 days
·         50% enhancement on the basic sum assured for every year you do not claim, up to 100%.  
·         Day care hospitalization and organ transplant costs are included
·         Co Pay Clause not applicable.
·         Health Checkup ( for sum insured greater than 15 lacs)
·         3 years waiting for Pre-existing condition
·         Includes dependent parents/ parent in laws as well.

Bajaj Alliaz’s Health Guard Family Floater

Key Features:
·         Pre- hospitalization period up to 60 days and post- hospitalization period up to 90 days
·         Emergency ambulance charges
·         No claim benefit in the form of free medical check every four years.
·         No claim bonus from 10% to 50%.
·         No medical tests up to 45 years.
·         Reimbursement for non-network hospitals within 14 days
·          Entry age – 18 to 65 year with no age limit for renewal.
If we compare the above considered plans, we can conclude that Apollo Munich offers benefit of maximum coverage for hospitalization period with highest no claim bonus. Both Apollo Munich and Oriental Insurance provide extra cover for dependents parents and parent in laws where as this feature is missing from the other two plans offered by Bajaj and New India.  The plans provided by New India and Oriental Insurance offer the benefit of coverage at low premium cost and thus cater to the section of society who cannot afford high cost Health Insurance. In addition, Plans offered by Oriental Insurance offer added advantage of Accidental Death and Disability. Also, waiting period for pre-existing disease seems to be lowest for Apollo Munich among the four.  Bajaj Allianz offers the benefit of maximum age limit plus life time renewal followed by New India Insurance. There is a lot of formalities related pre- policy medical check- up, especially, for elderly members. Oriental Insurance relieves this clause which might be an added advantage to the company over others. To sum up, one must consider the long term benefits and life time revival of health insurance plans as the conditions get tougher with growing age. The scope of critical illness covered by your Health Insurance Plan must be another important consideration.


Disaster Insurance companies / types Health, Home / earthquake crop etc..

Disaster Insurance companies / types Health, Home / earthquake crop etc..

Disaster Insurance

disaster insurance is definition

disaster insurance is back The term disaster here implies “loss due to natural calamity” such as floods, earth quake, cyclone etc. The disaster is external factor, an accident by God. Like an accident, it can cause damage to property, loss of life or disablement. In this analogy, disaster needs to be provided for and covered like accident. Therefore, Disaster Insurance is nothing but provision of risk cover against natural disaster and its implication on property and life.

Policies that include Disaster Insurance

There are three types of policies that consider disaster cover due to nature of insurance. Some companies might bring it as add ons while others make it in-built. While the insurance companies try and provide for disaster cover in relevant policies, it is also the duty of the insured to check whether the same is included in his policy or not. The residents who are exposed to greater risk of natural disaster must consider below insurance covers to win better chance of security and preparation.  

earthquake insurance

earhquake insurance also come under disaster insurance including below health and home insurance, however in India only northern states affects like Delhi. earthquake insurance necessary for countries like JAPAN.

Home disaster Insurance

Most of the home insurance policies are taken to cover risk of Fire, Accidents and Theft. The risk cover against natural disaster such as Earthquake, Floods or Storm is available as add-on features. It is advised to secure your home or property against any such disasters to take maximum benefit of insurance. In order to cover maximum risk factors, the insurance companies have devised Householder’s Package Policy that ensures that the property insured is secured against the risk of earthquake, floods, landslide, riot and terrorist act in addition to regular fire cover. The risk arising from third party liability and workmen’s c compensation liability are also available as optional features of the policy. 

Personal Accident Disaster Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is among the common insurance policies that covers damage or loss of life against accident. The risk cover includes four vital factors, namely, a) death b) permanent disablement c) permanent partial disablement and d) temporary total disablement. The compensation is highest in case of first two, up to 100%. Talking about disaster insurance, we mean to include the component disaster in as many insurance covers as possible. The people who live in high seismic zone or high flood prone area, their chances of getting affected by calamity are much higher. Therefore, it is recommended to cover their life risk in all the possible ways so that they and their families remain secured in face of adversities.

Life  health disaster insurance  

Life Insurance is one of the best risk covers to compensate for loss of time or life. A basic Term Life Insurance provides maximum cover for lowest premium amount. The policy is designed to cover death under all circumstances, such as, disease and ailments, natural disaster and calamity, accident etc. The purpose of Life Insurance Policy is to provide for expenses and security even when the insured is gone. It is more advised for individuals who are exposed to risk of life more often, such as, defence personnel, mine workers, etc. There are several other policies designed considering age factor, nature of occupation, medical history etc to cover maximum risk possible so that in case of any mishappening, the family of the insured is taken care of. 

disaster insurance companies in India 

New India and LIC only maybe.

what is life insurance and types of life insurance plans and companies with in india.

what is life insurance and types of life insurance plans and companies with in india.

  1. what is insurance (some baiscs)
  2. LIC India Plans
  3. SBI Life
  4. ICICI PRU Life
  5. Max life
  6. Postal insurance
  7. united india insurance UIIC
  8. List of insurance companies in india

Life Insurance Overview

Life Insurance is a contract between the two parties; the insurer and the insured where in terms are formulated by the insurer and agreed by the insured to cover financial risk of the life of the insured in the event of his death during a particular period of time. In many ways Life Insurance Plans are an investment to secure future against any kind of uncertainty that may be beyond one’s control. By opting for Life Insurance plans, the insured extends his family responsibility beyond his life and thus it is held of great relevance since its inception. Over a period of time, many other benefits of maturity and market linked investment, pension and retirement benefits have been included/ modified to bring Life Insurance for a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations. Life Insurance Corporation (a public sector life Insurance Company) is considered the leading Life Insurance Company in India. 

Popular Life Insurance Schemes

Term Life Insurance

A basic Term Insurance Policy covers the benefit of life cover, payable only in the event of demise of the insured during the agreed term. This policy does not pay anything on maturity, if the insured survives the term. Term Life Insurance is the cheapest of all Life Insurance schemes and advised for masses.

Money Back Insurance Plans

Money Back Life Insurance Plan is devised to cover two fold benefits of saving and life cover.
a)      The policy promises to pay the Sum Assured on death of the insured during the term.
b)      It covers the survival benefits, payable to the insured surviving a particular interval (s) during the total term of the policy.
c)       Promises the maturity benefits in case of survival of the insured at the end of total term, along with bonuses as stipulated in the terms.

Whole Life Insurance Plans

Whole Life Insurance Plans promise the risk cover till 100 years, while the policy may be affected only for a particular term. The premium calculation is considered accordingly.

Unit Linked Life Insurance Plans

ULIPs or Unit Life Insurance Plans are devised to take care of the long term investment needs in addition to life protection cover in event of demise. The inured has the authority to decide the type of Funds such as Equity Funds, Bond Funds etc and the proportion in which his premium must be invested. The benefit is paid towards the end of the term or earlier in case of death of the insured. ULIPs can further be Child Plans, Endowment Plans and Pension Plans, some of which come with special Rider Benefits to cover Accident and Disability benefits under one plan. 

Pension Plans

Pension plans are for retirement benefits. The pension plans are conventional annuity plans that agree to pay sum assured at the end of the term or annuity plus protection plans. Some companies are now offering unit linked pension plans that can be purchased online. For instance, SBI Pension Plans.

Child Plans

Child Plans cover the child of the insured as beneficiary of the benefits agreed upon. These plans are usually for education and settlement of children. Child Plans can be availed from traditional and Unit Life Insurance Plans.
Group Life Insurance Plans

Group Life Insurance Plans are the insurance schemes designed for group needs, such as Employees’ Insurance Plans or Corporate Retirement Solutions. Group Insurance Plans are similar to above individual insurance plans with inclusions made relevant for group. The premium and sum assured also differ. Group Micro Insurance Plans are also available at the nominal cost to help deprived sections of society who meet their needs through Micro Financing.
Life Insurance Riders

To make Life Insurance cover comprehensive, many products come with Riders that can be availed at additional cost. The common identified Riders are
·         Critical illness Cover
·         Accidental Death and/ or Accidental Disability Cover

vehicle insurance information motor insurance, car, bike calculation, companies

Vehicle insurance (also known as, GAP insurance, car insurance, or motor insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles.

How To Get Motor Insurance Online 2, 4 Wheeler Car Bike In Hyderabad And All Over India

Lot’s of people want to take insurance for their 2 or 4 wheeler, but they don’t know the office Addresses of insurance companies. we mostly fall into the loop of insurance brokers by paying extra charges.

I have searched online for a while a for buying the policy for 2 wheeler lapsed policy.

NOTE: New or expired motor policy not done online due to physical inspection. Only you can Renew your insurance online.

You may  buy  motor insurance for lapsed policy on hdfc ergo joint venture page. please look at network garages before buying insurance from any general insurance company.

Government general insurance companies that offer general insurance

New Assurance india better from national insurance and United insurance india 
because national insurance 2009 and above models and uiic Accepts 2010 and above.
But national Assurance Accept from 2007 make models

2,4 wheeler insurance calculator online

you can calculate your insurance amount on various tools but below are simple
Best General Insurance Companies Under Government
Private general insurance Companies India or hyderabad
  1. Bajaj Allianz
  2. ICICI Lombard
  4. Reliance
  5. Tata Aig may not trusted.
Sample of Motor Insurance policy certificate
File:Vehicle Insurance Certificate in India.pdf

Why we all need to buy Insurance from Government companies?

This question faces when a claim made to the company and you are not received any penny from the insurance company.
Private companies Aim to make Business but government companies like Lic made for people Safely and It’s ACT under our Constituency.  Expect Icici All of are Private Companies are Foreign Companies.

where can I take/ buy / renew two / four wheeler insurance Policy in Hyderabad?

Best way go to any reliance Fresh Store and ask the security guard or other staff. But they are brokers can Insure you with ICICI, bajaj Allianz, Reliance and HDFC ERGO.
Insurance Invoice explained

below my honda aviator 2008 model renewal quote from hdfc ergo but oriental insurance asking 670 rupees only, and sbi 876 INR so registered with sbi two wheeler insurance online.
A. Base Own Damage Premium 286
B. NCB Discount(-) 57
C. Total Base Own Damage Premium 
Own Damage Premium
Third Party Liability Premium 538
Other Liability Premium 0
Personal Accident Premium 50
Net Premium Rs 817
Service Tax Rs 114
Total Premium Rs 931

IDV Insured declared value, the value of the vehicle in case of damage or theft the DV Among you get.

vehicle insurance calculation example:

IDV price depends on showroom price and years
example Honda Activa Showroom price 50,000
2014 model gets full amount by paying 10% of the showroom price 500 rupees
Every year it depreciates 10% of the showroom
After 5 years 50% of the Showroom
10 years exceeded vehicle get 40% of IDV.
note: You can Adjust 10% of IDV by increasing or decreasing.
insurance calculation example
Honda Activa 2008 Model
Show room Price 50000
6 years passed
we have to deduct 50% of value motor vehicle
25,000 value 
basic premium for vehicle 250 for IDV (for the vehicle)
Third party liability Insurance price 464 (for the third party injured in Accident)
Personal Accident for 1 lakh   50 rupees    (for the Vehicle owner)
Service tax 12.33 or  
and the total premium you have to pay
Honda aviator 2008 model from Hdfc Ergo invoiced on 8/10/2014.
IDV 21479
basic own damage 317+Third party 464+PA50+Service tax=934 INR.
Third Party Insurance vs Full Comprehensive Insurance
  • THE Third party covers Other persons injured in Accident None of our;s and Vehicle.
  • And costs 500-600 for Two wheeler.
Comprehensive or Full Insurance includes personal Accident and Vehicle Value IDV 50+317  maybe 400 hundred rupees Extra including Service taxes.
Repair your insured vehicle without claim
Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Insurance, popularly known as ‘Motor Insurance’ is insurance of all kinds of private and commercial vehicles whether plying on road or still in showroom or garages. Like every other insurance, Vehicle Insurance Policy is designed to provide risk cover against damage to or arising from vehicle insured due to manmade or natural calamities. The benefit can be further extended to cover risk of personal accident. While many other insurance policies are optional and subjective, Motor or Vehicle Insurance is completely mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. This justifies why Motor Insurance today contributes to the largest share in total insurance business.
Classification of Vehicles under Motor or Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Insurance Policy is devised considering the type of vehicle and purpose of use. Accordingly there are four categories of vehicles for the purpose of insurance, namely,
1.      Private two wheeler, such as, bike, scooters
2.      Private four wheeler, such as, cars
3.      Commercial vehicles (all kinds of vehicles carrying good , passengers and special utility)
4.      Motor Trade (vehicles still in showrooms/ garages)

Motor or Vehicle Insurance Policy

1.      Third Party Liability or Liability Policy
This policy provides insurance against the risk of damage to third party, and covers both, damage to property or damage to third person in terms of death or injury. Driving vehicles also bring with them the risk of accident causing damage to yourself, your vehicle or the third person affected by the accident. In this case you become liable for damage to third person, and this is where Third Party Liability Policy in Vehicle Insurance is required.
1.      Comprehensive Risk Cover or Package Policy
Unlike Liability Policy, the Comprehensive Policy is devised to provide risk cover against damage to the vehicle insured in addition to damage caused to third party. Some policies may cover Personal Accident Cover for the owner while others may bring it as add-ons. The Package Policy insures the vehicle against the following risks
                       i.            Fire, explosion, self ignition or lightning
                     ii.            Burglary, house breaking or theft
                   iii.            Riot and Strike
                    iv.            Malicious Act
                      v.            Terrorist Act
                    vi.            Earthquake (Fire and Shock) Damage
                  vii.            Flood, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Storm, Inundation, Cyclone and Hailstorm
                viii.            Accidental external means
                    ix.            While in transit (by road/ rail, air/lift, inland/water)
                      x.            Landslide/ Rockslide

Add-ons in case of Vehicles for Commercial Use

·         Accident Cover for the Driver and Passengers
·         Legal liability to non-fare paying passengers in the vehicle.
What is not covered in Vehicle Insurance Policy
·         Wear and Tear, breakdowns
·         Consequential Loss
·         Loss if driver is under drugs or without valid license
·         Loss due to war, civil war
·         Claims arising out of contractual liability
·         Use of vehicles beyond permitted purpose
Know how your Vehicle Insurance Premium is calculated
The amount of premium that vehicle owner needs to pay for his Vehicle Insurance can vary according to vehicle classification (as above) and type of policy cover. Other important factors that can be listed are
  1. ·         Insured Declared Value or IDV
  2. ·         Cubic Capacity
  3. ·         Geographical Zone
  4. ·         Age of the Vehicle
  5. ·         Gross Vehicle Weight or GVW (in case of commercial vehicles)
  6. ·         Add on covers


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